​Local-M covers all aspects of inclusive localization for matching software UI’s, websites and documentation to specific foreign markets.

While having a rich experience of simultaneously managing large multilingual projects, we are also committed, dynamic and extremely personalized - assuring your localization and translation requirements are fully met.

​We offer:

  • ​Over 15 years of expertise in leading and managing diverse inclusive localization and translation projects
  • Highly professional know-how and team, comprised of expert linguists from all around the globe
  • Best-fit tailored solution to​ meet your unique requirements, which are at the center of our attention
  • Commitment, availability and accessibility – we are always here to answer you, never miss a deadline and consistently follow up to make sure your requirements are actually met
  • Out-standing personalized service
  • A large base of satisfied customers which work with us on a continuous basis

We use advanced technologies and highly skilled personnel, allowing us to provide our clients with:

  • Faster time to market
  • Timely and cost-effective new releases through translation database leveraging
  • Culturally oriented translations
  • Consistent use of terminology throughout the product
  • Prevention of unprofessional localization slips and mistakes
  • Efficient translations recycling for reduced costs when localizing new versions