​As a software developer, inclusive localization allows you to reach new markets and increase your sales. It helps you present your original concepts in the most appealing and effective way – using languages and cultural adaptations which local clients can understand and relate to.

Although globalization is accelerating over the past few years, countries (and even specific country regions) still see the importance of preserving their cultural identity, reflected through beliefs, norms, traditions and language. English is spoken by 25% of the world's population, but over 90% still choose to use their native language, in which they are fluent and articulate.
At the same time, technology adoption rates are increasing worldwide, while localized software and websites have proved to increase users' productivity and adoption-rates.

It is in this respect that localization is important for any business branching out into the global market, or even into a different region of its native country.

Local-M specializes in covering all aspects of inclusive localization. We are dynamic, committed and personalized, providing you with best of quality service.

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