Technical and Software Translation

Local-M specializes in highly professional translation of the most complex and detailed technical documentation – such as manuals, books, contracts and proposals, system descriptions and specifications, data sheets, CAD drawings, scientific papers, medical documentation, business correspondence and software.

While translating technical documents, our goal is to ensure that all technical terminology is translated accurately. While doing so, we closely work with you to understand and agree on glossaries of terms, specific to the target market and your company or industry.

Our translation memory technologies ensure that paragraphs and sections of text that are repeated throughout your documents are re-used by our translators – reducing translation costs and ensuring consistency.

When it comes to software - Local-M will make all of your onscreen text understandable to your target audience, including help files and additional documentation. We keep all of your original formats and layouts, while converting the text only into the language of your target market. This ensures that your original software concepts stays just as you meant, yet the product is fully adapted to meet the needs of your target users.