Website Localization

Reaching new international markets, you should consider not only the language in which you address those markets, but also the cultural, mental and social means you choose.

Your website is the presentation of your business identity. It shows the world what you’re all about. When addressing a new market, you want your target audience to understand it, but also to relate to it and like it.

Local-M specializes in localizing Websites to almost any language, country or region. Our team is combined of lingual and cultural experts from all around the globe, allowing us to perfectly match the right professionals for your project.

When localizing websites, we consider the lingual, cultural, social and mental state-of-mind of your target audience. We make sure all terminology, images and key messages are consistent and appealing, and that actions are clear and easy to understand and follow.

Our vast professional know-how, combined with our excellent team and advanced translation technologies, ensure your website will be perfectly adapted to match your target markets.